Traveling on an Airplane with Refrigerated Medication

For people that don’t travel very often, the TSA security line can be a stressful place. It seems like every airport has a slightly different procedure and other travelers can be less than kind when passing through. This ordeal is often even more stressful when attempting to carry through atypical items.

Refrigerated medicine is one of those items. Not only are you transporting prescribed medicine across state lines, but TSA rules about gels and liquids add complexity to the refrigeration aspect. One is left wondering, can you really travel on an airplane with refrigerated medicine?

Generally, you can travel on an airplane with refrigerated medicine and associated supplies (such as syringes and ice packs), but you may be subjected to additional screening in the TSA security line.

Let’s explore the issue further and uncover some tips and tricks for getting your medicine through without incident or issue.

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