Traveling on an Airplane with a Cowboy Hat

White straw cowboy hat with a hatband on a wooden table against dark background

Travel days fuel anxiety because of the restrictions around flying with different items. Flight restrictions can leave you wondering about bringing basic items onto an airplane and hats are no exception. In fact, many folks love to wear hats and like Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit, rarely take their hat off. This isn’t … Read more

Do Airlines Look Through All Your Checked Baggage?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your baggage once it’s checked at an airport? Considering all the security measures you need to go through, you might think your luggage goes under the same scrutiny, but can the airline staff go through all your checked baggage? Airlines take your baggage through an x-ray or sometimes … Read more

Do Cruise Ships Travel Faster at Night?

A cruise ship can only go as fast as the propeller propels it. The propeller is located at the back of the ship and needs to push water backward to move the ship forward. But do cruise ships travel faster during the night? Cruise ships don’t travel faster at night. While they might appear to … Read more

Why Are Some Layovers So Long? 4 Reasons

When traveling, you generally want to avoid layovers as much as possible because they extend the overall length of your trip. But from time to time, you might have no other choice. If you have a long layover coming up soon, you might wonder why some layovers are so long.  Some layovers are so long … Read more

Do People Still Ride on Greyhound Buses?

For years, Greyhound buses have provided people with an affordable way to travel across the country. They have hundreds of stations all around the country and operate around 123 routes. However, with the popularization of low-cost airlines, you may be wondering whether people still travel using Greyhound buses. People still use Greyhound buses to move … Read more

How Many Flights Can a Commercial Plane Fly Per Day?

When you fly service from one location to another, there’s a good chance that the exact plane flew the exact trip just the day before. Sometimes this occurs multiple times per day! Many people know this fact, but fewer know exactly how many flights the average commercial plane flies per day. I’ll admit fully that … Read more